Our Name & Philosophy

Why Conscious Breath Adventures?

An explanation of our name is also an explanation of our philosophy. Whales, dolphins and porpoises are in the order of mammals known as cetaceans. One distinctive characteristic of cetaceans is that they are conscious breathers: they consciously choose when to take every breath of their lives. So the name implies that we facilitate adventures that focus on cetaceans, which is true, but one needs to look at the deeper meaning of the words individually for a complete understanding of the name as a whole.

CONSCIOUSNESS is defined as awareness. It is likely that guests of Conscious Breath Adventures will be personally, environmentally, and globally conscious and aware individuals. We appreciate and strive to nurture this consciousness in our guests, and in others.

BREATH is analogous with inspire. When someone takes a deep breath they have inspired a lungful of life-giving air. It is the intention of Conscious Breath Adventures that the experiences our guests have while on our expeditions will further inspire them to be more aware and conscious individuals and to spread that consciousness; to be inspired to educate others; to be inspired to serve and protect all the creatures and environment on our planet which we all share.

And an ADVENTURE is simply a remarkable and exciting experience! It is the power of the experience that guests have while in the presence of these fabulous creatures that will open them to the lessons we all must learn and share if we are to protect them and all other life on Earth as well. The adventure will inspire greater consciousness. And, of course, everyone loves an adventure!

The reason we care: a mother humpback whale nursing her calf.

It has wisely been said that “In the end, we will conserve only what we love, we will love only what we understand, and we will understand only what we have been taught” (Baba Dioum). It is our intention that during the course of your journey, guests of Conscious Breath Adventures are educated about humpback whales, and through that education gain the understanding and the love. For the guests on the Silver Bank, it is the sublime experience that they have while in the whale’s world, on the whale’s terms, that will make them truly care, and inspire them to preserve and protect.