Distinctive Features

The humpback whale has several distinctive features which set it apart from other species of whales. They derive their common name, humpback, from the distinctive high humping of their back when they execute a deep dive and from the pronounced hump at the leading edge of the dorsal fin of larger individuals.

Pec Slap  Distant Wreck 300x200 Distinctive FeaturesThe humpback whale’s most distinctive physical feature are their long pectoral fins, which average one third of the whale’s total body length, to more than 15 feet, the longest pectoral fins of any species of cetacean and the longest appendages of any living animal on land or in the sea. The exceptionally large pectoral fins are reflected in their Latin name, Megaptera novaeangliae, with Megaptera translating as “big-winged” (Mega: big; ptera: wing). Coloration of the fins can vary from completely white to completely black, with white being the predominant color for the North Atlantic humpback whale.

Tubercules Vibrissae 24 300x200 Distinctive FeaturesThe leading edge of the pectoral fins feature unique patterns of tubercles, knobby protuberances that help direct the flow of water over the fin. The tubercles themselves are unique to humpback whales as well and are also found along the top of the rostrum and under the tip of the lower jaw. These tubercles contain vibrissae, a single short, stiff, whisker-like hair connected to a dense network of nerves. The exact purpose of the vibrissae is unknown but they are believed to aid in efficient swimming, feeding and social behaviors.

In addition to their distinctive physical attributes, they are famous for the enigmatic and haunting song of the humpback whale, the most sophisticated song in the animal kingdom, so loud and powerful it shakes swimmers to the bone when they are immersed in the music.

Pec Slap  Breach 300x200 Distinctive Features

Pectoral fin slapping is one of many popular behaviors frequently seen on the Silver Bank.

And of course the humpback whales are the most popular of all whales for traditional whale watching everywhere because of their unmatched repertoire of spectacular surface social behaviors. Combined with their gregarious and inquisitive nature, their curious spyhops, powerful peduncle throws, splashy lobtailing and pectoral fin slapping and spectacular breaches, humpback whales really put the “charisma” in charismatic megafauna!